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What is the Leavers to Leaders International Network

What is the Leavers to Leaders International Network

Official launched on the 1st of October 2023 at Southampton City Council, the LTLIN is based on the acclaimed bestselling book 'Leavers to Leaders by Samuel T. Reddy, who went on to focus his attention on developing more Foreign & Commonwealth citizens to transition their careers better while solving meaningful problems. Today, he is the Senior Lecturer at LTL Academy and trains others to run his military-style accredited programme worldwide.

Why Foreign and Commonwealth?

Why Foreign and Commonwealth?

Foreign and Commonwealth personnel and veterans are by default global citizens and most still have strong affiliations to their birth countries and want to solve some of the problems they witness back home.

Our History

Where did we start?

In May 2017, Samuel went to launch the 1st awards for military and blue light services aboard the cruise ship Norwegian Jade in Southampton at a reception attended by Southampton's then mayor Cllr Cathie McEwing.

He then in 2020 partnered with an award company in the UK to have the Leavers to Leaders award across England, Wales and Scotland until 2022 when he realised that not only were foreign and commonwealth personnel & veterans underserved but they were not represented at all.

That's when he went on a mission to help them stand out and make meaningful impact.

Our History
Completed Projects 40
Hours of work/month 1000
Award Winnings 4
Satisfied Clients 200
Testing Another 20
Coming next 1000
Partnership 25
Testing Testing 2500

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Our Mission

The Leavers to Leaders International Network (LTLIN) enables foreign and commonwealth citizens to make a more significant impact in their birth countries while living in their home countries. We focus on developing them to become more relevant, rigorous and responsive to the global needs by acting locally. As a network, we are linked with a community of over 30,000 people.


This platform is by invitation only and represents the shared values and interests of the commonwealth & foreign citizens who have served or are serving the UK Armed Forces.
✅️Members must be linked or affiliated to the UK Foreign & Commonwealth.
✅️Must have served or served in the UK Armed Forces as a full-time or reservist.
✅️Must respect the value of other Foreign and commonwealth countries.
You can, however, register your interest to join this group by emailing your bio to:, and someone will be in touch.